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What’s Jordan Van Sewell up to? Where are his ceramic works available? And what the heck are his works all about, anyway?

These sections will make you smile, and even laugh your head off, as well as develop a greater understanding of this amazing Canadian ceramic artist who has been hammering away at his craft from his work bench in Winnipeg for over 50 years.

His works — they’re something else.


Events-C-Hands Clay

Summer 2023 Premiere Viewing Party August 12
Winnipeg, MB Canada
MORAL INJURIES the art of Jordan Van Sewell

Live screening starts at 8 pm
Room 201 2nd floor
The Forks Market
Q & A following, approx 9 pm

Featuring scenes of Jordan working in his studio, and exploring locations that inspire him. He also reflects upon his craft, his contribution to the world of art, and why art must always play an important role in society.

“It’s art for God’s sake – try living without it.”
“Art doesn’t have to be serious at all.”
“Art has the power to change the world”

Jordan-C-cab truck

Ongoing, 2023
Pulse Gallery, Johnston Terminal, The Forks
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Features a selection of Jordan Van Sewell’s ceramic sculptures. “When I hear silence and then a couple of giggles, I know the people who have walked into the gallery, have just seen a piece of Jordan’s work,” Says Lesly Dawyduk, Pulse Gallery owner.


Summer, 2024?
Kenora, ON Canada

How does he do what he does? Collectors, followers and fans will have a chance to peek into the creative development of Jordan Van Sewell sculptures. More info to follow.


Fall, 2024?
Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery
Moosejaw, SK Canada

Jordan Van Sewell returns to the city of his birth with a show featuring a variety of his ceramic sculptures – including new and older pieces. Jordan is recognized around the world as a master craftsman. He has been working in his field for some 50 years. Additional details will be posted closer to show launch.



Saturday, May 13, 2023
Pulse Gallery, Johnston Terminal, The Forks
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Still Hammering It Out

A pop up show at The Pulse Gallery, in the Johnston Terminal titled “Still Hammering It Out” launched featuring new works by Jordan Van Sewell. The capacity crowd was treated to the artist’s new works, and an opportunity to chat with him as well. Parts of the event were filmed by Black Watch Entertainment for inclusion in a documentary titled MORAL INJURIES the art of Jordan Van Sewell.


Jan 2023
Move to studio

Inspired by a magical other world, Jordan Van Sewell returned to his studio, after a four year stint at The Forks Market. Appointments to view his art can be arranged through text message - 431-999-3061.

events-Time To Get Ready

Thurs, Sept 22, 2022
Jordan Van Sewell Gallery, The Forks Market
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Time to Get Ready

The show opened in Jordan’s Gallery at The Forks Market. A lively capacity crowd at the launch heartily applauded, as the Winnipeg-based Canadian artist welcomed the public to his new collection of whimsical and thought-provoking sculptures.



Feb 1 2023
Winnipeggers prepare for the return of the Windsock Exposition at The Forks, as Jordan Van Sewell introduces CBC’s Marcy Markusa to the possibilities of enhancing and taking full advantage of winter wind!

107.1 fm

Winnpegs' only dedicated classical and jazz radio station
Interviews with Jordan Van Sewell were conducted by radio host Chris Wolf, and organized by Tanya Blatz.

May 08 2023
🗲 Ceramicist Jordan Van Sewell is “Still Hammering It Out"
Jordan Van Sewell discusses his new pop up show which began its run at Pulse Gallery May 13. “I’ve created some pieces reflecting these troubled times we live in,” says Van Sewell. “I’ve tried to make it tongue-and-cheek, I’ve tried to have people look at the subject and extrapolate their own conclusions from it ... Ultimately, the pieces encourage us to progress forward. We’re still pushing ahead, we’re still doing what we can, we’re still hammering it out.”

Mar 28 2023
🗲 Profound lines and profound sculpture: Local artist is subject of new documentary
Jordan Van Sewell looks at his stint at The Forks Market, enjoying his own studio, the responsibility of making art, as well as being the subject of – a day in the life of an artist – documentary film.

Feb 6 2023
🗲 2023 Windsock installations at The Forks ready for viewing
A total of eight creative artists and organizations participated in the 2023 Windsock Exposition along the Nestaweya River Trail, including Jordan Van Sewell. His piece was titled, “All That Glitters Is”.

Nov 28 2022
🗲 Doors of perception: Local artist marks the holidays in his own original way
Making art for Christmas gives Jordan Van Sewell a joyful feeling. It’s a little bit like being a Santa’s helper, ensconced in his workshop. The work of his wife Joanne Vanderhorst, also a ceramic sculptor, adds to the gallery with elegant vessels that defy gravity.

Sep 20 2022
🗲 Time to Get Ready: Winnipeg artist asks questions through ceramic art
The title of his show at his Forks Market Gallery, Time To Get Ready, foretells Jordan Van Sewell’s belief that “we’re building up to something important”. He notes we don’t know what’s coming down the pipes, which is why his work offers a cautionary tale.

Feb 10 2022
🗲 Love is in the air… and the clay at the Jordan Van Sewell Gallery
While many people may try to turn Valentine’s Day into a Hallmark holiday, Jordan Van Sewell goes back to the roots of the celebration – spring, and the thought that love springs eternal.

Oct 26 2021
🗲 Magnificence of Winnipeg: Local artist Jordan Van Sewell finds inspiration from the city and from the pandemic
Often adversity sparks creativity. Jordan Van Sewell talks about how his journey through the pandemic has impacted his art. “I guess it’s fuelled some of the ideas I’ve had.”

Feb 18 2021
🗲 Jordan Van Sewell: Winnipeg artist-icon on his art and the pandemic
With the COVID 19 pandemic and varying degrees of lockdown having lasted for almost a year, Jordan Van Sewell has taken things in stride, as best he can. His advice to artists is — just keep going.

Mar 9 2017
🗲 Winnipeg artist creates canoes for The Forks' Common
Commissioned by The Forks Market to develop a piece for The Common, Jordan Van Sewel created “Canoes” – a three panel installation featuring three canoes, each navigating different waters, and presenting a total of 19 characters.

UMFM logo

UMFM 105.5 FM
Interview with host Susan Cohn
🗲 Art World Innovators
Susan pegs the work of Jordan Van Sewell as vibrant surreal funky ceramics! Her wide ranging interview ran over half an hour. It included discussions about the new world order, as expressed in his new show – "Time To Get Ready", the profound nature and memory of clay, as he sees it, and why he welcomes all comers to his workshops!


Apr 6 2020
Art ‘hasn’t failed us yet’
By: Doug Speirs
If you can’t make great art during a global pandemic, when can you? That’s the view of Jordan Van Sewell, one of Manitoba’s best-known artists and a man who has been producing brilliantly whimsical ceramic sculptures for 47 years. “It certainly feeds the imagination, living in these times,” Van Sewell,...


Feb 14 2019
Hairy Potter
By: Leesa Dahl
Jordan Van Sewell admits he has a warehouse full of ideas rattling around inside his head. But the ceramic artist, who has been shaping clay at his home-based studio in South Point Douglas for more than four decades, never would have imagined he’d be selling his “weird shit” in a...

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Jan 4 2016
Ceramics artist makes his point with humour Contemporary ceramic art exhibit on in River Heights
By: Danielle Da Silva