This spot will provide me with the opportunity to share my thoughts, tell a few stories and rant and rave about my craft, the creative process and the contribution of art to individuals and the greater world. I look forward to all of that.

I have been working as an artist for 50 years now, during which time I spent 10 of those years also earning a living as a CPR brakeman. There’s a story that I’ll tell you more about later.

Back in Grade 5, I had the uncanny ability to draw Charlie Brown and Snoopy, as if Charles Schulz himself had put pen to paper. My buddies were amazed. I put the images on t-shirts. Cool. And that was really the beginning. After high school I needed to save some cash for university. There would be a position on the CPR ladder for me upon graduation. Instead, I ended up in Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba.

For four years I honed my craft in the clay studio at art school. There the surreal memories of childhood wonder were realized – newts in pickup trucks and flying winged dogs emanated from the wonderful warehouse of my imagination.

I see my work as reflections in a fun house mirror.